Thirteen years ago I was a Champagne-drinking classical archaeologist with a master’s degree from Oxford University on Dionysius the Greek God of Wine (yes, really!), the host of a wine segment on television, and sommelier of food and wine experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants. Needless to say, I was obsessed.

Despite outward appearances, my inner world was imploding with anxiety attacks, depression, ADD, substance abuse, autoimmune conditions, enmeshed relationships, debilitating perfectionism, and issues with body image. I was a hot mess. 

It was becoming  clear that I needed to completely change how I lived my life. I packed up my Saab, drove cross-country, and took a self-imposed hiatus in the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. After seeking out a bevy of shamans and healers, I quickly found myself in treatment for substance abuse. This was my ah-ha moment, and I came to realize that hitting bottom meant the Universe was getting me ready for something more. As they say, don’t quit before the miracle! 

During that period in the southwest I began to slowly and - certainly not perfectly - to implement some of the elements I learned in my studies, travels and excavations of ancient and indigenous cultures, most notably the concept of mindful living. It was the first time in my life where I really started to practice caring for myself – that is, other than spending loads on shoes, clothes and fine wine! - and overtime I began to experience what I like to call elevated well-being: health, love, hope, radiance, inner peace, and a belief in miracles.

As an archaeologist, I was trained to find patterns, and to excavate or reveal beauty that was covered by years of dirt and debris covering it.  Talk about a great skill set to apply when I wanted to start to understand patterns that I needed to toss out that were undermining my health, and uncover patterns that would help me reveal my best self. 

I shifted gears and became the archaeologist of my well-being, and began to experience a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, wholeness and positivity I had never known before. 

You don’t have to go deep into the deserts as I did to start creating new rituals and practices in your life. You can discover the archaeologist within right where you are.

So if you think your current circumstances have dimmed your light, get ready! You are about to discover the very best version of yourself.  I promise to meet you where you are now, no judgments.  I hope you will join me.

In love, light + gratitude,