Welcome to my story!

Twelve years ago I was a Champagne-drinking classical archaeologist and sommelier with a master’s degree from Oxford University and a wine segment on television, curating wine experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants. 

It all appeared to be fabulous on the outside, but I was suffering terribly on the inside with physical and emotional pain from fibromyalgia, chronic bronchial asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, depression, anxiety, ADD, undiagnosed celiac disease, migraines, addiction, and perfectionism, which led to codependency, restricting, and body image issues. This was my “normal” for as long as I could remember.

This health crisis, as well as the desire to get off of the numerous prescriptions I was on, was a catalyst for looking at my lifestyle as a whole: I became the archaeologist of my well-being. And as my body recovered, I discovered this was the gateway to healing my mind, heart and spirit, too. 

As I began to research how to heal my body, I recalled certain elements I experienced in my excavations, travels and studies about ancient and indigenous traditions.

Ritual around mindfulness in life.  Mindfulness in what we take in on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

I started with mindfulness of the food I was putting in my body, but over time, it became more and more clear that the three elements of body, mind, and spirit are not separate, but rather one. Over the course of three years, I was able to completely heal my body of the chronic pain and inflammation I had once experienced on a daily basis. 

Today it is my mission to pay it forward and share this experience with anyone who wants to radiate health and glow from the inside out, and truly know what elevated wellness can be –  health, love, joy, radiance and inner peace.  It is an approach that is uncomplicated and holistic: care for yourself from the inside out.  

I promise to meet you where you are now, no judgments.  I hope you will join me.

In love + light,