Meet the happy people who have joined me on this journey

Lisa CARES! She cares about your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I think of her as a “one stop shop holistic practitioner.” She can give you recipes for every meal, tell you what to buy and what not to buy at the health food store and save you money, keep you up on the latest holistic medical breakthroughs, give you hope when yours is lacking , and be the partner in health you are looking for on a daily basis. I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you are looking for that very special, compassionate and super knowledgeable partner/teacher for your well-being.
— Randy G., Tony Award-Winning Actress, New York, NY
I had been working with my Doctors for two years with no improvement on my health. Lisa walked me through step by step, going to the grocery store, looking at my food intake, eating out in restaurants and changed my life. I can’t express what a turn around I felt physically, and then mentally all due to her guidance and direct plan. Where Doctors had failed me, Lisa really came through.
— Stephanie P., New York, NY
Prior to working with Lisa, we were limited in the types of meals that we cooked. Lisa exposed us to different combinations of spices and oils that transformed our meals. In fact, she used very little salt and allowed the natural flavors in the food to shine. Since having Lisa give us our cooking session, we have slowly started to reduce our salt consumption and we have started to incorporate the various combinations of spices and oils that we learned from our cooking session.
Lisa is passionate and knowledgeable about her craft. She provides pamphlets and recipes that are organized, comprehensive, and informative.
We are recently married and eventually plan on having a family. We look forward to establishing healthy habits in our marriage.
— Thomas, New York, NY
I just want to say THANK YOU for all your help! I’m trying different things, taking ALL your advice and feeling amazing!!! You are the best! Thank you!
— Nick Pratley, The Wellness Experience, LA
Lisa personally knows what it means to be sick and physically challenged. If you want someone who is smart and a creative chef, look no further. Lisa has walked the walk and can support a person through the transition into holistic health. She truly understands the mind/body connection.
— Leigh B., Santa Monica, CA
Before working with Lisa, I was suffering from digestive pain, poor sleeping and eating habits, and general stuckness in terms of wanting to perform daily self-care routines such as meditation and cooking. I have learned that I need to have a vision for my health and beauty and be proactive in shaping it into what I want. I have also experienced the deep connection between self-care and self-love. The results so far have been: more quality sleep, healthier eating, having a green smoothie every morning, increased exercise, weight loss, improved mood, reduction of physical pain, and cooking. I have so much gratitude, awe, and respect for Lisa. She is an incredible intuitive, healer, and nutritionist. She approaches health in a holistic way - fully considering the whole person - and she truly met me where I was at each step of the way. Thank you for your gift.
— Kelley J., New York, NY
Lisa did a fabulous job creating healthy recipe makeovers for our site They were always simple, delicious and loaded with great kitchen tips. She is a compassionate, knowledgeable and inspiring holistic chef and coach. I highly recommend trying her.
— Jared Koch, Creator and Co-Author of Clean Plates, New York, NY
As an editor it is really hard to find someone who can bring the best of the two worlds into an article: expertise and knowledge, and writing skills. Lisa is one of the few ones who can provide the latest science based nutrition information and the culinary know-how in a compelling story.
— Marta Montenegro, Founder and Executive Editor, SOBEFit Magazine, Adjunct Professor, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Lisa is a wonderful educator who has helped many of our students to become aware of how to improve their quality of life through dietary adjustments and various wellness strategies. She is extremely creative and knowledgeable, especially in the areas of gluten-intolerance and celiac disease. She inspires her students to look at their diets and lifestyles and coaches them while teaching them how to cook foods that make them happy, not ill.
— Dr. Eric M. Friedman, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hudson College, NJ